VIRAL / Moving Arts at Bootleg Theater

GO! - LA Weekly

"Anthony's production toys with the style of a David Mamet–like comedy, such as American Buffalo and Glengarry Glen Ross — a portrait of inept desperados trying to live the American Dream. That the Dream is here dependent on a vicarious pycho-sexual-social obsession with death is both cynical and pointed. That any emotional investment in this play results in feelings of disgust is its primary virtue. It's an unblinking look at pathologies." Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

“...go for the wonderful acting” Anthony Byrnes, KCRW

"The whole production dives into the reality and nuance so consistently I’m left very impressed, not the least by Director Darin Anthony.” Zahir Blue,the world through Night-Tinted Glasses

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THE GUN SHOW / Moving Arts

GO! - LA Weekly

"The drama’s life-changing moments evoke a here-and-now immediacy, not easily forgotten." Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

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NUREYEV'S EYES / American Stage Theatre Company

"…thought-provoking… quite strong and extremely moving…" Peter Nason, BroadwayWorld

"...illuminates the artist life…The premise and script are rich…" Stephanie Hayes, Tampa Bay Times

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Click HERE to watch the playwright (David Rush), the director (Darin Anthony), and the actor portraying Nureyev (Jed Peterson) on Studio 10

GIDION'S KNOT / Furious Theatre Company

"Director Darin Anthony skillfully navigates the many hairpin turns, especially in the sticky false starts of the opening, finding the rhythm required to extract meaning even from the empty places.” Myron Meisel, Hollywood Reporter

"Director Darin Anthony brings his audience intentionally, disquietingly close to the action..." Frances Baum Nicholson, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

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THE GOOD BOY / Abingdon Theatre Company

"Michael Bonnabel and director Darin Anthony have done more than that, compassionately allowing us to live his rather singular childhood and young adult life along with him in his masterful and touching one-man show The Good Boy." Times Square Chronicies

""Bonnabel has managed to take his very specific story, the details of which are probably alien for the vast majority of the people who see his show, and make it emotionally relevant." Theater Mania

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S.O.E. / Atwater Village Theatre

"Director Darin Anthony’s dynamic direction shifts seamlessly from the light-hearted to the cataclysmic" Los Angeles Times

"Director Darin Anthony stirs Brandli's irresistible, toxic stew of psychological grotesques with a sure hand and a comic touch." Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

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"Director Darin Anthony's beautifully nuanced production of the play, which engrossingly captures the emotions underlying midlife masculinity, is full of mature humor that shifts suddenly into scathing sadness and the performances possess a sense of powerfully truthful detail." Paul Birchall, LA Weekly

"Director Darin Anthony was with this piece from early on and the heart he must have for the material shines through in this production. Every part of the presentation fits the piece perfectly." A Little Night Musing

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THE GOD OF ISAAC / West Coast Jewish Theatre

"Chicago playwright James Sherman's play, The God of Isaac, is a wonderfully produced comedy playing at the Pico Playhouse in West Los Angeles, directed by Darin Anthony." Stage Happenings

"Darin Anthony directs with apparent respect for the material and a strong sense of theatricality. His actors find the realism in the face of the script's types and one-liners, while his staging highlights the self-proclaimed 'memory play' elements. And only Anthony can line up his actors in violation of Directing 101 laws against it, turning the normally ungainly blocking into graceful visions." Backstage

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THE GOOD BOY / Latino Theater Company & Menander Theatre Company

"Darin Anthony's crisp, evocative staging, which is both intimate and yet smoothly assured." Paul Birchall, LA Weekly

"...a show that profoundly stirs your heart and soul... There’s not an empty, wanting moment..." writerdeb, Altadena Above It All

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THE VIOLET HOUR / Hollywood Food Chain Productions

"The direction by Darin Anthony and lead actors are uniformly excellent." Joel Elkins, LA Theatre Review

"Director Darin Anthony... spins... bright and shiny moments out of the dross of this Richard Greenberg script." Dany Margolies, Backstage

"Directed by Darin Anthony with suspenseful skill, we take a brain-boggling trip into uncharted territory.
" Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times

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SMUDGE / Syzygy Theatre Group

"...higher motifs -- the definition of life, the limitations of love and the human struggle to adjust one's expectations to painful realities -- remain the production's paramount focus, under Darin Anthony's discerning direction." Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

"Director Darin Anthony once again impresses, and working here with a topnotch design team, gives Smudge just the right surreal feel"  Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Director Darin Anthony gives the piece a faithful and sometimes eloquent production, and draws fine performances from his actors." Neal Weaver,Backstage

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LONDON'S SCARS / Odyssey Theatre

"Director Darin Anthony gives a sense of mystery and unease to Richard Martin Hirsch’s script." Dany Margolies, Backstage

"This Coffeehouse Production, has a brisk intelligence." Charlotte Stoudt, Los Angeles Times

"The play's premiere, a guest production at the Odyssey Theatre directed by Darin Anthony, crawls consistently under your skin and stays there." Evan Henerson, CurtainUp

"With a director and cast that simply could not be better, London’s Scars makes for fascinating, thought-provoking contemporary theater well worth seeing." Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Director Darin Anthony employs creative staging of the numerous flashbacks and movements in space and time." Mayank Keshaviah, LA Weekly

"Hirsch is blessed by a wonderful cast, and also by a very talented director fairly new on the scene, Darin Anthony who successfully directed Bach at Leipzig earlier this season." Robert Machray, Stagehappenings

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SIDHE / Road Theatre Company

“…the production is often riveting, under Darin Anthony’s direction." Deborah Klugman,LA Weekly

“…the play is never anything less than spellbinding, directed masterfully by Darin Anthony and performed by a masterful cast in a world created by a masterful design team." Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“Director Darin Anthony leads a fiercely committed cast that tamps down the play’s overwrought emotionalism in close-to-the-bone performances." F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

“Darin Anthony directs with a shrewd eye to detail.” Laura Hitchcock, CurtainUp

“Darin Anthony directs beautifully, making the audience feel as haunted as the characters.” Dany Margolies, Backstage

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BACH AT LEIPZIG / Odyssey Theatre

“…stunningly staged by director Darin Anthony… With a talented, imaginative young director like Anthony at the helm, it’s no wonder Bach At Leipzig is blessed with pitch-perfect performances and even more laughs than a reading of Moses’ very funny script provides."Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“Director Darin Anthony adeptly choreographs the action…” Charlotte Stoudt, Los Angeles Times

“Director Darin Anthony serves up almost balletic choreography…” Tom Provenzano, LA Weekly

“Directed with lightening timing and the utmost of skill by Darin Anthony… Put this play on your must-see list.” Beverly Cohn, Santa Monica Mirror

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U.S. DRAG / Furious Theatre Company

7 LA Weekly Award Nominations
LA Weekly Award for Best Production Design

"very slick staging... director’s mat-knife precision" LA Weekly

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MY THING OF LOVE / Syzygy Theatre Group

“RECOMMENDED! In an optimum staging, director Darin Anthony and his gifted cast mine both the pathos and hilarity of their material.”  F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

“CRITIC'S PICK! Director Darin Anthony invigorates the production, highlighting the great passion and humor in Gersten's kitchen-sink dramedy." Madeleine Shaner, Backstage

“GO!  ...exquisite staging... caustically funny and equally painful examination of a crumbling marriage navigates perfectly between heightened lyric fancy and earthy reality” LA Weekly

"If a director’s accomplishments can be seen in the performances given by his actors… then Darin Anthony has done terrific work here—as always." Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

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HEADS / Blank Theatre Company

Best of 2007 Los Angeles Times
CRITIC'S CHOICE - Los Angeles Times, American Radio Network, LA Weekly

"Under Darin Anthony’s direction, and underscored by
designer Dan Jenkins’ cavernous yet claustrophobic set, the question of who we are beneath our posturing lands with such force, it jangles the nerves long after the play has ended." Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

"...Darin Anthony... is an actor’s director, and has guided his cast of four to superb performances every one." Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Everything about the production is exemplary. Darin Anthony directs with sensitivity... And it's harrowing to watch a play in which everything is terrible at the start and we know it's just going to get worse." Neal Wea
ver, Backstage

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BURN THIS / Amalgam Theatre Company

"Lanford Wilson’s “Burn This” directed by Darin Anthony will keep you pinned to your seat in the Theatre Asylum. This dramedy hits the pitch perfect tones of grief and the redemption of a life that may have been wasted. With performances that will blow you away, this play is a must see for anyone that is looking for a connection again." Joshua Manly, Los Angeles Magazine

"...director Darin Anthony manages to pull this all together into a not-half-bad production with an attractive patina of talent onstage." Dave DePino, Backstage

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THE BOARDING HOUSE / Interact Theatre Company

"Ann Noble... has constructed a taut story whose diverse characters have absorbing and complex problems and histories, and Darin Anthony has directed it at Interact Theatre Company with respect for their individuality and a
feel for realistic suspense that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats." Laura Hitchcock, CurtainUp

"Interact Theatre Company's production isn't without its rewards, thanks to the efforts of director Darin Anthony, a strong cast, and a marvelous design team." Les Spindle, Backstage

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"Director Darin Anthony and an inspired nine-member ensemble... illuminate Newmark's themes with grace and insight..." Les Spindle, Backstage

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TALLEY'S FOLLY / Syzygy Theatre Group

“CRITIC'S PICK! Director Darin Anthony's guidance throughout this two-character play is evident yet never heavy-handed. Under his tutelage, the script ebbs and flows while we witness the complex tango of emotions these characters dance." Backstage

“This current production is directed by Darin Anthony, who adroitly moves his actors around a very cramped, crowded, and effective set...”

“Director Darin Anthony has brought taste and style to the proceedings." Larchmont Chronicle

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THE COMEDY OF ERRORS / Shakespeare by the Sea

"Darin Anthony... certainly taps into the work’s playfulness and jocularity. Anthony does well to play up the shtick and streamline the expository passages..." Luis Reyes, LA Weekly

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A HOLE IN THE DARK / Blank Theatre Company

Winner of an LADCC and 2 Garland awards

"CRITIC'S CHOICE! Performed with pitch-perfect timing and insight by a first-rate Blank Theatre Company ensemble, this staging from the director and producers of The Book of Liz would be sure to offend, if it weren't so darn funny and so inescapably on target... Amid all the fun, Darin Anthony's assured staging never lets us forget that Hicks' deceptively witty script uses satire to lure us into a very dark hole that still tears at our national psyche.” Los Angeles Times

“CRITIC'S PICK! Director Darin Anthony uses every trick in the Director's Book of Farce/Comedy—brisk pacing, clever staging, Roy Rede's excellent set design, Jaymi Lee Smith's clever lighting, Sherry Linnell's fun costumes, Dean Harada's swell sound design, and of course Hilly Hicks Jr.'s marvelous knee-slapper of a play—to make everything come together in a harmonious mix of talent, absurdity, and home truths.” Backstage

“CRITIC'S PICK! Crisp tight direction…this talented first rate cast create a hilarious evening that surely screams ‘the truth will set you free!” American Radio Network

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TAPE / Lounge Theatre

“Darin Anthony, who recently received laurels for directing Joe Orton's wacky Loot, now goes to the opposite field and hits another home run with this tense and compelling study.”

LOOT / Theatre East

“RECOMMENDED! Revisiting the second of Joe Orton’s three great plays can’t help but mourn his untimely, brutal death. Oscar Wilde’s most obvious, if indirect, heir, Orton was a brilliant manipulator of language for comic effect, ... We must, therefore, be thankful when one of his few plays is well performed, as it is here under Darin Anthony’s nimble direction.” LA Weekly

“What this hilarious and meticulously staged mounting has going for it first and foremost is Darin Anthony ...without a directorial eye as original as Anthony’s, the demanding and prickly words of Little Joe—and the need for perfectly precise comedic physicality to keep, if you’ll excuse the expression, all of Orton’s balls in the air simultaneously — never quite works. Here it does.”

“See this terrific and very entertaining revival at Theatre East.”

“Never could Anthony be accused of somehow dulling Orton's wit. If anything, he takes the barb and beats it around so it not only stings, it's dirty.” Backstage

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THE BOOK OF LIZ / Blank Theatre Company

One Year Run
Best of 2005 Los Angeles Times

“RECOMMENDED! A Blank Theatre production of Amy and David Sedaris' "The Book of Liz" perfectly captures their unique comic sensibility. And more... For the longest time, the cartoonish goings-on — performed by a cast of nine, under Darin Anthony's direction — seem the slightest stuff on Earth. Then one character, then another, spout genuine tears, and you realize how vibrantly human they've been all along.” Los Angeles Times

“CRITIC'S PICK! Under the sharply focused comedic hand of director Darin Anthony, the Sedaris' silly little play soars to great heights. The cast is clearly on the same page--a treat in L.A. theatre these days--and the simplicity of this production, while doing proper homage to the unstoppable wit of the playwrights, is a wee gem of wonderful lunacy. Ann Magnuson is hilarious as Sister Elizabeth, looking sufficiently distressed via a set of false buckteeth and continuously glistening with an ingenious makeup person's creation of the character's profuse perspiration, a problem that almost costs Liz a job at the pilgrim - themed Plymouth Crock coffee shop. From the exceptional and uniformly committed supporting cast, Susan Ruttan is a major standout as the busybody Sister Butterworth, getting away with facial expressions and other excesses that would sink an actor of lesser gifts, and Tom Lenk is quietly hysterical as Liz's light-in-the-loafers boss at the diner.” Backstage

“RECOMMENDED! It’s all as gooey as a cheese ball, yet director Darin Anthony mitigates the obviousness with a perfectly stylized cartoon, generated by robust performances and supported by Jason Z. Cohen’s bi-level, slat-boarded set.” LA Weekly

“With its offbeat and odd sense of humor, "The Book of Liz," a gentle satire on the Amish, is vintage Sedaris -- a blend of the sacred and the profane but always caring and even, at times, touching. Credit Darin Anthony for the adroit direction…” Hollywood Reporter

AMERICAN WAY / Blank Theatre Company

“Colorfully drawn comic book tale…director Darin Anthony and the cast do well with some wickedly funny stuff along the way.” Los Angeles Times

“Director Darin Anthony splendidly stages this timely parable…” Backstage

full Backstage review

HEATHEN VALLEY / Elephant Asylum

“CRITIC'S PICK! Played on a blank stage with one wooden crate becoming everything from a crib to a pulpit, this could be deadly. Here it is made remarkable thanks to Darin Anthony’s fluid direction…” Backstage

“RECOMMENDED! It’s a powerful piece, and director Darin Anthony has assembled an excellent cast, welding them into a tight ensemble.” LA Weekly

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FILL IN THE BLANK / Blank Theatre Company

“CRITIC'S CHOICE! The evening’s laugh-garnering champ is Captive Audience directed by Darin Anthony... If theatrical excellence really is 'all in the timing' this chance to indulge in acid-free laughter without dumbing down our critical faculties could not be more opportune.” Los Angeles Times

“CRITIC'S PICK! One of the funniest, especially for David Mamet fans, is Speed the Play…Directed by Darin Anthony with exquisite timing and marvelous rhythms, it sparks the evening.” Backstage

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